Some examples of our workshops include:

Outstanding answers to tender questions

problemsPurchasers evaluate what you write. Just being good at what you do isn’t good enough. To be successful you have gain the confidence of purchasers using written answers to their questions.

Do you have a process and the discipline to ensure you always write outstanding answers? Perhaps you continually put off the unenviable and unpalatable task of writing answers until there’s too little time left? Or maybe you simply dive in and start writing straightaway, trusting to a combination of reputation, experience and luck?

You’re not alone if you’ve chosen either of the latter two; you’re in the majority. Unfortunately that just isn’t good enough if you want to compete and improve your chances of success.

In this interactive workshop Mark shows you how to use a straightforward, but repeatable and reliable, process that enables you to compete with top quality answers. He’ll also show you why you don’t need to be a topic specific expert; you just need access to one.

Specific benefits include:

  • Preparing to compete, not just to take part and hope
  • Making sure you always answer all of the question
  • How to include expert knowledge in each answer

Fundamentals of purchasing

coinsThe fundamentals are the building blocks that help consistently maximise the value you can achieve from the purchase and use of goods and services. It’s rare to find organisations and individuals with the discipline to consistently apply the fundamentals and to do so effectively.

Too often purchasers pay lip service to the fundamentals and seek fame (and fortune?) devising new and exciting strategies. This ignores another fundamental; first you need to walk as fast as possible before you start to run, and when you do run you shouldn’t forget how to walk.

Mark shows participants’ how to maximise the benefit from applying the fundamentals properly, demonstrating this with issues specific to participants’ current circumstances and his own experiences.

Specific benefits include:

  • Why outcomes with conditions get you more than you expect
  • How to identify and motivate the best suppliers
  • Extracting the best offers from potential suppliers
  • Consistent and practical evaluation to select the best tender
  • Developing valuable relationships to achieve better results