Consulting services

Since 2003 Qualitar Consulting has been helping organisations to improve the results they achieve from their procurement activities, with quite a few clients from the public sector. To win their business we often, but not always (see Foraging under the radar), had to successfully navigate the winding and slippery path of public sector procurement rules.

Because we were pretty successful it attracted the attention of others wanting to win public sector business so they asked us to help them. Since then we’ve been successfully supporting organisations wanting to win public sector business.

What you can expect from us



Spend no more than you need to, but receive more than you expect.
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Write tenders to win valuable business and increase the value of the contracts you win.
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Concierge service

Our concierge service gives you direct anytime access to valuable experience and expertise without needing to have a formal or specific consulting project. You receive straightforward unvarnished opinion and knowledge in response to your questions. Our answers are relevant, definite and specific such that you can useful apply them to improve the results you want to achieve.

We’ll answer your first three questions about procurement or tendering free of charge. If you find this valuable you can then invest in a subscription that will enable you to continue to benefit. To find out more click here.

Workshops, briefings and seminars

We provide workshops to develop new and improve existing procurement and tendering expertise. To ensure each workshop is directly relevant we take great care to understand the outcomes you need to achieve, participants’ experience and expertise, the context in which they work and current overall circumstances.

Our workshops are involving, interactive and demanding; they raise the performance bar for participants.

Workshops include:


  • Outstanding answers to tender questions
  • Fundamentals of purchasing
  • Compete to win
  • Make the most of existing contracts
  • Buy valuable results, not time and tasks

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