We’ve helped many different organisations spend no more than necessary and receive considerably more than they originally expected.

Money tree

The approach we use is specific to the circumstances of each client. We focus on helping clients identify their potential and then to maximise the results they achieve.

Many of our clients are organisations in the public sector, although not exclusively.

What we do

Some of the ways we can help are shown in the examples below. Whilst specific to each client they give a flavour of the work we do and the results we help achieve.

They represent a small fraction of our clients and interventions.

Procurement support

south bucksFor South Bucks District Council we helped Officers and Councillors formulate a procurement strategy to tender their £17 million plus refuse collection and recycling service.

This included developing an extremely accurate price model, tailoring our PQQ, writing all the tender documents, supporting the whole procurement process and providing ongoing support for the duration of the contract. Our commercial approach helped to save £1.5 million, confounding all expectations, as prices were rising not falling.

Strategic review – discovering potential

waltham forest

For the London Borough of Waltham Forest we did a strategic review of their procurement activities to unearth potential to improve, by challenging their current performance and results. We sought the views and opinions of a wide range of individuals each having differing degrees of influence on the council’s potential to achieve better results. This, coupled with our analysis, enabled us to pinpoint specific areas where an improvement in performance would achieve disproportionately better results.

Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ)

For the Local Government Association’s (LGA) we tailored a PQQ, complete with evaluation process, scoring methodology and recording mechanism, for their £80 million multi-discipline support service outsourcing contract. This helped to attract and select the best suppliers.

Procurement specific strategy

For Northampton County Council we developed a procurement strategy and tender documents to purchase children’s foster and residential care services from privately owned companies, not-for-profit organisations and charities. Using a baseline, from an analysis of spend data and the use of price models, we helped with intermediate negotiations, which resulted in a net benefit of £600,000 over two years for the council.

Price and cost modeling

south bucks
For South Bucks we developed a detailed and extremely accurate price model to support the procurement of refuse collection and recycling services. We used it to model different scenarios, establish target prices and identify the council’s potential to save cash (ultimately £1.5 million).

We asked potential suppliers to tender their prices in a blank version of the price model. The detail in it allowed us to identify and query anomalies, for example, prices for specific elements that were higher or lower than expected. The council also uses it to model variations, track financial performance and determine invoice prices.


We facilitated the formulation of an outcome specification for the LGA’s £80 million plus support services outsourcing contract. The support services included Finance, Procurement, HR, Print & Design and Facilities Management. An outcome specification allowed the LGA to take full advantage of potential suppliers experience and expertise.

Spend data analysis

For the London Borough of Redbridge we helped them to analyse their spend data, without buying specialist software or services and using widely available software that they already owned. Over time they adapted our approach to suit their own circumstances. They can analyse spend data at any time and track, in real time, the impact of new contracts and changes in purchasing behaviour.

Buying consultancy

For the London Centre of Excellence (LCE) we authored a ‘how to’ guide titled “A Guide to Buying Consultancy and Other Professional Services”. We developed it to be straightforward, concise and particularly valuable, especially for individual purchases of up to £75,000. It provided practical and relevant support for buyers of consultancy, and other professional services (for example, architects, solicitors, barristers and quantity surveyors) to help them achieve valuable outcomes.

Contract review

For Chiltern District Council we reviewed the future viability of their Paper Sort Facility. This was complex, as it included contracts to sell as well as to purchase. We developed an accurate cost and price model to allow us to forecast the result of different scenarios and provide suitable evidence for our recommendations, which the council accepted and acted on.

Retained service

For Macmillan Cancer Support we provided an all encompassing procurement advice and support service over several years. Each department received advice and active hands-on support to help them buy more for less leaving more to spend on Macmillan’s charitable objectives. Amongst the many results was a saving of up to £500,000 a year from a reduction in the cost of recruiting and employing temporary and permanent employees.

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