Performance review

Are you a deserving cause? Are you facing some exciting and interesting challenges? Perhaps you’re a charity or social enterprise? You could reside in the public sector? We only discriminate on the basis of interest and need, ours and yours.

We offer free performance reviews to:

  1. Provide insight if you genuinely cannot afford the expertise
  2. Showcase the inherent value of good procurement or tendering (winning business with tenders)
  3. Support enthusiasts to convince others
  4. Gain exposure to lots of interesting situations

Each review provides insights into the performance of your procurement or tendering activities and the potential you have to improve. We look at how you might realise your potential, and increase it, along with the results you should expect to achieve.

It isn’t a one size fits all review, as peddled by countless others. For the review and its outcomes to be directly relevant and practically useful we take account of your circumstances and the context in which you operate. We start each review with the assumption that your organisation is healthy, not damaged and in need of fixing. Our motivation is interest, we showcase and broaden our experience and expertise; you can never learn enough.

Reviews differ because of your circumstance and context, but we complete most over a two to three week period. On-site visits, if any, normally take a day with pre and post visit considerations taking a few more days. Then there’s some time for us to reflect and cogitate before giving you a summary of our findings.

If you think we’d be interested please get in touch with Mark and he’ll reply within 24 hours. Please include a description of your circumstances and the context in which you operate.