How we work

Our business is to help significantly improve the prospects and results our clients aspire to and beyond.


We work tirelessly to help ambitious, committed and enthusiastic organisations achieve better results.

Our style is rigorous, thorough and straightforward, but informal. Our focus is pin sharp and relentless.

We are proud of the results our clients achieve and the work we do to help them.


Expect us to focus on:


  • We jointly agree specific outcomes for each assignment, we finish when we both agree the outcomes have been met
  • We use the most appropriate means, methods and approaches for your needs and your circumstances, not anyone else’s
  • Our fee is fixed for each assignment, there’s no clock watching or budget busting, we simply get on with achieving great results

Direction of travel

  • Our attention is firmly fixed on your future; prior activities and results can help but it’s improvements to your future performance that matter
  • We have no direct historic or emotional baggage, our thoughts and views are founded on the facts of each assignment and the context in which it sits
  • We view each assignment from the inside out, what’s likely to impact most on your ability to achieve desired results is outside, not inside

Working together

  • We only work with clients when we both feel we can work together, it is important to work with those you trust, respect and can get on with
  • Our assignments share responsibilities, this isn’t someone we do to you, it is something we do together as equals, as partners
  • We totally involve you and your team, to encourage ownership, resilience and pride, and to maximise the successful implementation of solutions we agree will meet your needs


  • Each assignment includes a transfer of skills and knowledge, we’re always generous when it comes to sharing techniques that ensure you continue to benefit in the future
  • More often than not, as an integral part of an assignment, we work closely with you and specific members of your team to help them meet personal objectives
  • Almost always we provide relevant guides, checklists and comments to further develop understanding and capability


  • We agree the most effective methods to communicate with each other, how often and the most convenient times
  • We respond to emails within 24 hours, normally on the same day you send them, and phone calls within 3 hours