Free resources

These free resources are to help you achieve better results. Learning pervades all the work we do and the materials we produce. I never stop learning; it amazes me just how stupid I was no more than a month ago!


Please put these free resources to good use. You might not always agree with me. If you don’t then I’ll still have achieved my objective. When you disagree, even slightly, you’ve had to think through all aspects of your position or point. This contributes to developing your expertise.

It is also important to know what doesn’t work, as well as what does. There are more ways to fail than succeed. Therefore, avoiding ways to fail can be productive. Take away everything that could result in failure and you’re left with what will help you succeed.

Our free resources include:


Special, how to ….. guides

In-depth practical advice to improve your own and your organisation’s performance

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Free monthly e-mail newsletters with stimulating ideas and practical methods from Mark’s work with his clients

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Briefing Notes

Comments on public sector documents to learn from to broaden and deepen your expertise

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