Concierge Service

A good hotel concierge is worth their weight in gold. Their answers to your questions are immediate and valuable. They allow you to get the most out of your stay.

conciergeThat’s what we do!

We provide immediate and valuable answers to your questions about procurement and tendering, enabling you to get the most out of your day.

Answers to your first three questions are free of charge and if this proves valuable you can continue to benefit by investing in a subscription.


Why we do this?

We do this because we regularly encounter people who need:

  • Immediate confidential help, from an unbiased source
  • Direct and timely answers
  • Opinion using valuable experience and expertise
  • An independent sounding board, what if…
  • Relevant guides or checklists
…and probably most important of all, someone who won’t judge you. You can ask anything, no question is stupid or trivial. The degree to which you will benefit depends on the questions you ask, your prior experience and your specific circumstances.


A subscription means:

  • Immediate access to valuable experience and expertise
  • You are our priority
  • We’ll give you opinions, not just options
  • You have our full attention
  • Better and quicker decisions


Because you are our priority we’ll reply (by email) in 24 hours, more likely on the same day you send your question. Sometimes, when the answer is more complex or we think you’ll benefit more from a discussion, we may request a telephone conversation.

Your investment

A subscription for an individual starts at £75 a month (30 days) for a minimum of six months and is for either procurement or tendering, for both it is £130 a month.

The investment for a corporate subscription depends on how many nominees you would like to ask questions and on which topics, procurement or tendering or both. Please send an email to with details of your organisation and its circumstances including why you’re interested in our concierge service and I’ll reply by return letting you know the investment required.

We begin the service when you’ve paid. There are two payment options. You can pay half in advance and the rest after two months, or you can pay all in advance. If you chose the latter I’ll apply a professional discount to the fee. Fees are non-refundable and once we start it can’t be cancelled. But you can, by giving me reasonable notice (no less than two weeks), pause the concierge service once and then restart it on an agreed date.





How to subscribe

Subscribe as an individual by sending an email to telling us about you and your circumstances; it’ll help us to help you more effectively.

Subscribe as an organisation by replying to the email we sent you, tell us you accept and let us have the information we’ve asked for so we are better set to help you effectively.

Alternatively, please send us your information using this form. We will respond straightaway.

The rules

There are a few rules:

  • Questions only from named individuals
  • One question at a time
  • Be constructive, definite and specific
  • Contact details, questions and answers are confidential, always
  • No abusive questions or comments, we’ll delete them and terminate your subscription