Procurement, spend less and receive more

Our help and support is specific to your circumstances and objectives.

Our priority is to help you achieve your objectives, maximise your potential and enable you to achieve impressive results.

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Tender success, win more public sector business

Find out how we can help no matter what your status.

Help yourself to success with our special, how to ... guide, "Win the right to tender"

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How successful could you be?

What could you do better? How do you find out? What should you prioritise? How do you improve to be more successful?

We'll help with our free performance review

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How we help


Set challenging outcomes, embed and apply critical procurement expertise and achieve valuable results.

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Concierge Service

Receive immediate, direct and valuable answers to your questions about procurement and tendering – first three answers are free, then subscribe.

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Compete successfully with Pre-Qualification Questions, write tenders that win valuable business and maximise the value of existing contracts.

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Free resources



Sign up for a free newsletter – Valuable Procurement

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Special, how to .. guides

Compete successfully with PQQs, download – Win the right to tender

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Briefing Notes

Learn from examples to broaden and deepen your expertise.

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Performance Review

How much potential do you have to improve?

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